About us

De Kornuiten van Koraal has been located in Lemiers since 2021. This cozy establishment emphasizes our passion for fresh ingredients, simple and honest cooking and a friendly atmosphere. Our menu offers a selection of original dishes, all made in-house by our team and talented chef. With some of the tastiest and most unexpected combinations of ingredients, there's something for everyone. Kornuiten van Koraal is loved by both local residents and holidaymakers in our beautiful Heuvelland. We buy locally. We stand for fresh products and the highest quality, presented in a simple yet elegant way. Don't wait any longer and take a bite; come by today.

Team de Kornuiten van Koraal

We are buzzing with energy and full of ideas! We are one team and do everything together. Each in his own way, in a different position and with a different task. But all with the same goal: the Kornuiten and the bruncherie guests should feel welcome with us and always want to come back. Who is already working at the Kornuiten? From left to right:

Robin Peters, cook

Jordy Gielkens, restaurant employee

Myriam Vos, group leader

Frederic Moitzheim, restaurant employee

Paul Frijns, carpenter and group supervisor in training (MMZ 4)

Juliette Demollin, project leader the Kornuiten van Koraal

Wim Swaak, regional director Koraal

Judith Pluijmaekers, group supervisor.

We are also supported by volunteers. They are very valuable to us.